Some of the great feedback we have received...

"I just wished to let you know how well received your Departure Lounge caskets are.  My families are pleased to be able to choose a casket that seems to signify their loved one's lifestyle, such as the subtle floral choices, the beach scenes, and the plain wood. The interior of the caskets is also indicative of the eco look and it’s good to see the cotton side sets that many environmentally sensitive families are asking for today. Your caskets are attractive to display and are well priced. Well done for meeting the market with a casket that is eco friendly and very attractive."

Freda Taylor

Managing Director, Newberry's Funeral Home, Whangarei

"One South African family chose a Plantation casket for their loved one. He was passionate about nature and the environment and loved animals. They drew South African wildlife scenes on the casket and had a native spray instead of flowers on top. The family and many of those who attended the funeral said the casket was perfect and exactly what he would have wanted. "

Tony Hope

 Hope Family Funeral Services, Tauranga

“Departure Lounge caskets have been hugely popular with many of our client families, providing a unique alternative to the more traditional styles available. They fit the needs of people concerned about a casket’s impact on the environment and do so at an affordable price. So often we find that people make a personal connection between the casket designs and the needs of their loved one.”

James Dunn

Funeral Director Forrest Funeral Services, Hibiscus Coast

"Departure Lounge caskets have proved popular with our clients and  always attract a lot of favourable comment at a funeral. Client families appreciate the the simplicity and cleverness  of the design, and the fact that they are made in New Zealand."

Beth Richards

Manager, Pellows Funeral Directors

"People were so impressed with it. Many of them asked lots of questions about it. What surprised me was the amount of men who thought it looked great and were very interested in how they were made. They mentioned how well the casket suited the deceased as he was a very outdoor person. The way the caskets are made, their shape, the different designs and colours, this makes them a point of difference from the run of the mill caskets. They also look really nice and stand out in the venue during the service."

Bev Boucher

Shone and Shirley Funeral Directors, Nelson

"We have had families write on the caskets to personalise them, which is a lovely way to involve them, particularly children.  From an ecological perspective, we like being able to tell families that they are made from a renewable resource and that they are so cleverly made that we don’t need to have any nails, screws or plastic handles. Again, families love the thought put into them and the clever design, and we love the fact we can put them together so easily. The shape of the casket and the wood used makes them look elegant and well finished."

Janet Mikkelsen

Funeral Director, State of Grace – East Auckland


Caskets and urns are available from funeral directors throughout New Zealand.
For sales and international enquires, please contact us.

Departure Lounge caskets and urns are a New Zealand registered design with international patents. Factory Address: Mangere, Auckland, New Zealand