Beautiful, personal and natural.

Create a better send off with a beautifully crafted premium casket or urn

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Premium range caskets and urns

Create a personal send off at an affordable price with a premium range casket or urn. Buy on its own or as a matching set. Choose from our 13 unique images, use your own image, or opt for a natural timber finish which can be drawn or written on with markers. Proudly designed and manufactured in New Zealand from environmentally sustainable materials, every casket comes complete with natural fibre and wool drapery which is 100% biodegradable.

These caskets come in two sizes: Medium external (including handles) 1920 x 745 x 345H or Large external (including handles) 2105 x 790 x 375H.  The weight is:  21.1kg or 24.4kg respectively.

Urn size external measurements: 323 x 180 x 151Hmm weight: 1kg

Want to use your own image?

You can customise these caskets with your own photos. Please ask your funeral director for details.


Plantation XL caskets

Create a better send off with a natural, beautifully crafted, eco-friendly casket. These affordable caskets come in a natural timber finish and are produced from sustainably grown forests. Perfect for families who want to decorate or personalise the caskets themselves.

In death, as in life, one size does not fit all. Plantation range XL caskets are available in standard, double XL and triple XL sizes, and have been designed and independently tested to take weight in excess of 300kg.


External (including handles)

1945 x 684 x 398H

Weight:  27.4kg

Double XL

External (including handles)
1945 x 795 x 475H

Weight:  37kg

Triple XL

External (including handles) 1945 x 880 x 585H

Weight: 42kg



Essential care caskets

Create a simple send off. Our economy caskets are simple, cost effective caskets. Supplied without handles, they come in a natural timber finish and are produced from sustainably grown forests.



Standard external 1945 x 611 x 379Hmm  weight 27.4kg

Large external 2083 x 663 x 406mm  weight 29.3kg


Caskets and urns are available from funeral directors throughout New Zealand.
For sales and international enquires, please contact us.

Departure Lounge caskets and urns are a New Zealand registered design with international patents. Factory Address: Mangere, Auckland, New Zealand